Saturday, April 17, 2021!

Donate: Why We Ride

We ride to honor those who have served.
We ride to honor those less fortunate.
We ride because we can, we care, and we will.

This year, you can purchase a Tribute Trail/Memorial Mile sign to honor a veteran, solider or business. Or, you can donate directly to Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind.

The Rotary Club of Napa is dedicated to supporting the needs of our returning veterans and meet the crushing weight of trauma that many of them have brought back from war.

For more than a decade already, local Napa and surrounding County social service clubs and non-profits have embraced Veteran services, donating money and countless hours of volunteer time to hundredes of servicemen and women seeking treatment for severe PTSD from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For 2020, we offer four types of displays signs for our Tribute Trail/Memorial Mile.

Non-photo Signs $100

  • We Support Veterans
  • In Honor of...
  • In Memory of...

Photo Signs $110

  • Photo plus your message

Create your Sign

Tribute Trail/Memorial Mile: Cost $100. Three message options available.

  • We Support Veterans
  • In Honor of...
  • In Memory of...

Tribute Photo: Cost $110. Please submit photo, name of person you are dedicating sign to, and submitt message no longer than 25 words.

Order a Text Only Sign Order a Photo Sign