Donate: Our Memorial Mile

Our Memorial Mile is one of the most profound ways our cyclists, family and friends can express their support by purchasing a sign (to have a custom message). The signs are displayed along the mile entry to the California Veterans Home.

The future of the Pathway Home may be uncertain, but what is certain—and perhaps even more clear than ever—is the need for programs to support our veterans, to meet the crushing weight of trauma that many of them have brought back from war.

For a decade, local social service clubs and non-profits have embraced the Pathway Home, donating money and countless hours of volunteer time to help the roughly 450 veterans who have come through the program, seeking treatment for severe PTSD from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“As we mourn and honor these dedicated women we remain committed to supporting the Pathway Home and similar programs who strive to heal the hidden wounds of war,” the Rotary Club of Napa, the sponsor of the ride, said in a statement this week. “Please join us on Saturday, April 21, as we honor the purposeful lives of these three heroic women and the successes of the Pathway Home."

- Napa Register, March 19th, 2018

You can select from 4 display signs to be placed along the "Memorial Mile" along the tree lined entry of the California Veterans Home.

Create your Sign

Memorial Mile signs cost $100.

Three message options available

  • We Support Veterans
  • In Honor of...
  • In Memory of...

By purchasing this Memorial Mile sign, your donation will honor the incredible women whose lives were taken by the tragic events of March 9, 2018. These funds will be directed to their families.

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