Two of the charities that will benefit from support at this year's event are Enchanted Hills Camp For The Blind and The Pathway Home Program.

Saving Lives - one soldier at a time

The Pathway Home Program
Help us in our support of this rehabilitation and transition center that is showing amazing results in saving the lives of our returning veterans and helping them transition to productive lives. We have helped over 400 veterans who are all still alive and trying to regain the lives they left behind in order to serve our country.

Enchanted Hills Camp For The Blind

This is the only camp of its kind in the western United States and provides a once a year opportunity for children, adults, and veterans to experience the wonders of nature and the world that most of us see everyday. This 300 acre camp is located in the western hills of Napa Valley, along the 50 mile cycle route and offers hiking trails, horse back riding, fishing, swimming, and a variety of other activities for the blind. The camp provides the opportunity for campers to interact and bond with others, to gain self esteem and to learn skills and techniques that will help them live a much fuller and rewarding life. The funds we raise will guarantee that people of any means will have the opportunity to experience this magical place every year.